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One of the first questions that automotive buyers ask themselves is whether they should go for a new or used model. This is also true for SUV buyers, and although buying a brand-new SUV does have its rewards, it’s essential to consider used models. This is particularly true if you buy a used SUV from a respectable dealership such as Hi-Line Autohaus. Keep reading to learn why buying used may be a better choice and discover our used SUV selection.

Why Buy a Used SUV?

While the benefits of buying a new SUV are pretty obvious, the major downside is the price. The biggest advantage that comes with buying a used SUV is that you pay way less for a reasonably new car. Generally, cars tend to depreciate by as much as 20% after being driven just once and lose around 10% of their value annually in the first years on the road. This means it’s possible to get an SUV that’s only a few years old for half its original price.

Some other major advantages that come with choosing to buy a used SUV are as follows:

  • They lose less of their value as years go by: Not only will you save lots of money when buying a used SUV, but you’ll also get a decent price if and when you decide to sell it. Since a vehicle faces higher depreciation in its first years on the road, you won’t lose as much when reselling it as you would have if you bought a new one.
  • You have a wider selection to choose from: There are way more options within a specific price range for used SUVs than there are for new ones. Even if you’re set on a specific make and model, buying it used gives you access to models with higher trim levels and more features.
  • You’ll pay less on insurance: Since used SUVs are valued at a lower price than new ones, their yearly insurance costs are considerably cheaper. This means you’ll save money every month.
  • You have more information on the SUV you’re buying: While buying the latest-generation model can be exciting, there’s no way of knowing how it’ll stand the test of time. A vehicle that’s been around for a few years has generated lots of internet reviews from users, so you can learn more about its strong points and potential weaknesses.
  • If you buy from a respected dealership, the used SUV is thoroughly inspected: The biggest concern for used car buyers is usually paying good money for a vehicle and then discovering that it’s in poor technical condition. Buying from a reputable dealership such as Hi-Line Autohaus can eliminate this concern, as all our used vehicles are thoroughly inspected by experienced technicians.
  • You’ll be protecting the environment: Sourcing the materials required to manufacture an SUV in a factory places a significant burden on the environment. Buying a used SUV eliminates the need to build a new one, and you’ll be driving a car that’s already paid most of its environmental toll.

What Makes and Models Does Hi-Line Autohaus Sell?

Here at Hi-Line Autohaus, we sell a wide variety of used vehicles from several local and international car brands.  If you’re interested in knowing which SUVs are the best to buy used, consider visiting Hi-Line Autohaus and asking one of our sales professionals. We’ve provided a breakdown of our huge used SUV inventory.

Used Alfa Romeo for Sale in Charlotte, NC

The Italian manufacturer has inspired the automotive world for decades with its gorgeous vehicles. If you’re looking for an SUV that excites you without compromising on utility, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the ideal choice.

Used Audi for Sale in Charlotte, NC

While Audi is well known for its elegant sedans, it maintains the same high-quality standards when building SUVs. The Audi Q7 is their biggest SUV and the ideal vehicle for long road trips with friends and family. If you’re looking for something a little smaller and more agile, the Q5 is also an excellent choice.

Used BMW for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Owning a BMW isn’t only a status symbol but also a sign that you appreciate fine German engineering. Our used BMW SUV selection is wide enough to fit every need and taste. It includes excellent used crossovers, such as the BMW X1, small luxury SUVs fit for any purpose, such as the X3, and large SUVs, including the X5 and X7.

Used Land Rover for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Many car brands offer luxury SUVs in their lineup, but Land Rover focuses on them exclusively. If you’re only interested in comfort and high-end aspects, you can go for the Land Rover Evoque or Velar, both available in our used SUV lineup. If you’d like to add a little ruggedness and off-roading ability, the Discovery is an excellent choice.

Used Lexus for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury car division. This essentially means that Lexus vehicles are the supermodels of already amazing vehicles. Some Lexus SUVs in our inventory include the NX, GX 460, and RX 350.

Used Mercedes-Benz for Sale in Charlotte, NC

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that needs no introduction. Besides being a top SUV manufacturer, they also make some of the finest used crossovers on the market. Our Mercedes SUV lineup includes the GLE and luxury crossovers such as the GLC.

Many Other Brands and Models

These are just some of the makes and models in our huge used SUV inventory. Our lineup also includes excellent models from Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Kia, and Hyundai, as well as domestic favorites such as Ford, GMC, Jeep, Chevrolet, and Buick. If you’re looking for a quality SUV, you’ll find it here.

Get Your Next Used SUV From Hi-Line Autohaus

If you’ve decided that your next vehicle will be a used SUV, you can find plenty of makes and models in excellent condition by visiting Hi-Line Autohaus. Our sales professionals will listen to your needs and preferences and then help you select the models that fit you best. Contact us today, or simply come by when you can.

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