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Welcome to Hi-Line Autohaus, your premier destination for high-quality used luxury vehicles in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Hi-Line Autohaus, we know the value and advantages of buying a used vehicle. Below, we share that knowledge by providing helpful information about the benefits of purchasing a pre-owned car, tips on finding a reliable used vehicle, and guidance on trading in your current car for a used one. We also explain why Hi-Line Autohaus is the best choice you can make for your luxury used car needs.

What Vehicle Makes Does Hi-Line Autohaus Sell?

Here at Hi-Line Autohaus, we offer vehicles from the following makes:

…and more.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

There are several benefits to buying a used car, and almost all of them will save you money in the short and long term. Here are a few of the best cost-saving benefits of buying a used vehicle.

Lower Depreciation

Everyone knows the saying, “As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it loses its value.” New cars depreciate at a much more rapid pace than used cars do. Because of this initial, rapid depreciation, a new car’s depreciation value will be much higher than a used car over time. Buying a used car will avoid the steepest depreciation, and you’ll likely retain more of your investment if you choose to sell your used car later.

Lower Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies base your premium cost on your vehicle’s value. When you buy used, your car will have a lower market value than a newer version of the same vehicle, and your insurance premium is likely to be lower because of it. Additionally, saving money on yearly insurance premiums will add up to long-term savings while owning your used vehicle.

Wider Variety and Affordability of Models

When you buy a new vehicle, you can only choose from the available trim levels of the current model year. But when you buy a used car, you can choose from various trim levels across several years. You may even be able to purchase discontinued trim levels. Additionally, the higher trim levels you opt for on a new car, the more you’ll pay. But when you buy a used car, you can get higher trim levels at a more affordable price.

How Do I Find a Reliable Used Car?

When buying a used car, you want to be sure it will be reliable, it hasn’t had any serious damage, and that you’re buying from a reputable source. To do so, it’s a good idea to research and inspect the vehicle before purchasing it. You can begin by researching the make and model you’re interested in. You can search for recalls, common issues, and customer reviews of the car you want to buy to understand its reliability.

If you’re purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller, it’s a good idea to take the car to a mechanic for an inspection so they can make an unbiased assessment of the vehicle’s condition. You’ll also want to obtain a record of the vehicle’s history through a service such as AutoCheck. Doing so will reveal important details about the vehicle’s history, including accidents, service records, previous owners, and mileage verifications.

Ensuring you’re purchasing a reliable used car can involve research and time. But when you buy from a used car dealership such as Hi-Line Autohaus, you only need to pick the car you want to drive home in. At Hi-Line Autohaus, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality and value for your money because we perform meticulously thorough inspections on all our vehicles before adding them to our inventory. And if any maintenance services or repairs are needed, the professionally trained technicians in our service center ensure they’re taken care of before the vehicles hit the lot.

Can I Finance My Used Car Purchase?

Yes, you can finance a used car purchase. At Hi-Line Autohaus in Charlotte, North Carolina, we make financing a used car purchase a stress-free process. You can even begin the process online.  Visit our financing website to fill out a simple, secure financing application, and we’ll get started on finding the best lender for your used car loan.

At Hi-Line Autohaus, we believe an informed customer is a happy customer. That’s why our financing team provides our customers with everything they need to know to make smart auto financing decisions. Plus, unlike single-brand dealerships obligated to use their manufacturer’s financing company, we work with several banks and credit unions so our customers get the best rates and terms.

Can I Trade In My Current Car for a Used Car?

If you’re interested in trading your current car for a used car, you likely won’t be able to if you want to buy from a private seller. In fact, not all used car dealerships will accept trade-ins, either. However, if you live near Charlotte, North Carolina, and you’re looking to trade in your current car for a used vehicle, you’re in luck.

Hi-Line Autohaus offers both cash and trade-in credit for used vehicles. All you need to do is visit our trade-in website, powered by Kelley Blue Book, and enter your vehicle identification number and a few additional details to receive an official offer to purchase or trade in your current car. Once you have an offer, it’s good for seven days, and when you bring it into Hi-Line Autohaus, we’ll verify it and offer you cash or credit for your car. It couldn’t be easier.

Why Choose Hi-Line Autohaus?

Experience the luxury and quality of our used car inventory by visiting Hi-Line Autohaus today. Our professional and accommodating staff is ready to help you find the perfect used car that suits your style, budget, and lifestyle. We offer a wide selection of premium used cars, from sleek sedans to roomy SUVs. If you’re interested in browsing, feel free to explore our showroom or take a test drive. We look forward to introducing you to the world of affordable and reliable luxury used cars at Hi-Line Autohaus.

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