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Used Luxury Volvo Inventory at Hi-Line Autohaus

When you think of a classic car, you probably think of something old, possibly antique. Volvos have proven to be timeless classics that not only survive the test of time but appear to get better with age.

They have several body styles from which to choose, and unlike any other car brand, luxury comes as a standard feature. It is one of the reasons that we are proud to display our selection of used Volvos.

So, if you are in the market for something luxurious and reliable, consider buying a used Volvo. To better help you navigate our inventory, here is a quick guide for finding the perfect Volvo model for your needs.

The Wagon

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to buy a station wagon. They are timeless, like all Volvos, but they are extremely practical vehicles. They are spacious, safe, and fuel-efficient. Falling in love with a wagon is easy, especially after test driving one.

We frequently keep several wagon models in stock. For example, the XC70 is a fantastic option for anyone looking for lower monthly payments but a great value. Another great option is the Volvo V60. For a wagon, it is the epitome of luxury and durability.

The Sedan

Yes, we have plenty of sedans and used Volvo cars from which to choose. Our selection of used sedans is impressive, as each used Volvo speaks for itself. Volvo sedans are just as timeless as their wagon counterpart but with more flare.

For example, the Volvo S60 comes in many flavors, including racing. If you desire performance, luxury, and safety, and S60 has something to offer you. Also, in our inventory, we frequently carry the Volvo S80 and S90. Both of which are impressive sedans with ample space for travel and leisure.


However, maybe the Wagon and Sedan sill do not offer the amount of space you require. If you are in the market for something a little larger, look at the Volvo SUV. They are spacious, AWD, and come with luxury as a standard feature.

Driving an XC60 is the best way to appreciate the Scandinavian design of the Volvo name. They are robust, with a tight wheelbase and sporty finish. With AWD, you can brave the elements confidently, and with our selection of used Volvo SUVs, you can save money while doing it.

If you desire something a little different, look at our XC40 and XC90 models. Both of them provide more than enough to keep you satisfied for years to come.

Potential Lifespan

When considering the lifespan of a used Volvo, it may be best to think in terms of decades. Volvos are designed well. On average, they have been known to survive more than 20 years. In other words, you might expect to see more than 200,000 miles on a used Volvo.

So, when buying a used Volvo, miles are not the best indicator of how long the vehicle will last. Instead, feel confident in your decision to buy from us because we ensure your new Volvo is above par.

Before Buying

Before you decide to purchase a new vehicle, look at our selection of used Volvos. They are great values that will continue to deliver a timeless service. Not only are they extremely reliable, but they outperform those in their class. That is, not only in safety but performance and efficiency.

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