More and more drivers today are choosing to buy used cars rather than new models. This may vary from one buyer to the next, but the majority of the reasons are based on cost and saving money. Used vehicles don’t have the reputation of being low-quality like they did in the past. At Hi-Line Autohaus in Charlotte, we offer various makes and models of high-value used vehicles. Here are some advantages of buying a used car.


You’ve probably heard that a new vehicle depreciates thousands of dollars as soon as it’s driven off the lot around Monroe. However, when you buy a used car, you won’t lose as much value due to initial depreciation. So while it may still go through some depreciation, your used vehicle won’t lose near as much of its initial value.

Used Vehicle Financing

If you need financing near Concord, you’ll appreciate having to borrow thousands of dollars less than if you’d purchased a new vehicle. When the sticker price is lower, the amount you’re borrowing will be less, which also means the amount of interest you’ll pay throughout the life of the loan will also be less. Last but not least, your monthly payments will be lower, and the loan term can be shorter. With a shorter loan term, you’ll have the loan paid quicker and will be able to upgrade that much sooner.


Since insurance is required in all states, you’ll have to have insurance on your “new” used car. The amount of the insurance premiums is based on coverage and the value of the car. A used car typically has a lower value than a new car, so you’ll pay less in insurance premiums around Rock Hill.


When a vehicle needs repairs around Fort Hill, the cost for parts is generally cheaper with a used car. If your used vehicle does need repairs, you’ll save money here as well. Come to our dealership in Charlotte to check out our selection of used vehicles.

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